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The Best Hair Styling Tips and Tricks to Style Your Hair

From a shiny mane to perfectly-coiffed hair, we all have #hairgoals we aim for. But in our quest for hair perfection, it can be frustrating trying to tame frizz, lift flat locks or breathe life into limp curls.

The truth is you don’t need an entire glam squad to put together a stunning-looking hair style. Overcome your styling woes with the right hair products and tools. The secret to getting those salon-perfect results at home is to tailor your approach according to your hair type.

Whether you crave sassy layers, natural waves, gorgeous curls or romantic updos, follow our easy hair styling tips and tricks to create your desired look. Keep reading!

Hair Styling Tip #1: Understand Your Hair Type and Density

Hair Styling Tip #1: Understand Your Hair Type and Density

To assemble your hair care kit, you first need to understand your hair type. That way, you can style your hair like a pro while preventing damage to your mane. Before picking up that heating tool or hairbrush, you first need to figure out your hair type – is it fine, medium or thick?

To work it out, try this trick: place a strand of your hair next to a piece of sewing thread. Hair that’s thinner than the thread is usually fine while hair that’s wider is likely to be thick. If your hair is about the same diameter as the thread, you have medium hair.

It can often be hard to see a single strand of lightweight, fine hair. As fine hair tends to be limp, it can be a challenge getting volume to last. By midday, beachy waves may have fallen flat or curls may have come undone.

On the other hand, thick hair often feels dense and heavy. As it is coarse, you’re likely to run into knots while brushing thick hair. Having problems getting bobby pins to hold your hair bun or tying a ponytail without snapping the hair tie? We feel you. But the biggest problem with thick hair has got to be taming all that frizz!

If you have medium hair, where the density of each strand lies somewhere between thick and thin, you probably have the best of both worlds. Easier to style, you won’t need to wrangle your medium hair into shape and volume remains intact after styling too.

Hair Styling Tip #2: Choose The Right Product

Hair Styling Tip #2: Choose The Right Product

Each hair type has different caring requirements. If you’re confused with so many hair styling products in the market, fret not - we’ve got you covered so you can understand and find the right product for your type of hair.

Hair Wax

While hair wax is commonly known as a men’s hair styling product, women can also count on hair wax as a source of effortless style. Whether you need to pump up volume, prevent frizz or add texture, hair wax can work like magic to tease your hair into shape. Best of all, hair wax is suitable for all hair types. To create your hair masterpiece, use a hair wax catered to your need or hair type. For instance, LUCIDO-L has a range of hair wax for women that can help you to achieve luscious curls, add body and more.

Hair Styling Stick

Hair styling sticks are a great alternative if you don’t want to get your hands messy from hair wax. Suitable for on-the-go application, they can fix those flyaway hairs and help you nail that perfectly-shaped fringe for a polished and slick updo. Plus, they work with all hair types. This non-stick, compact product is an essential addition to your beauty pouch so you can style your hair anywhere, anytime!

Hair Spray

The classic go-to hair styling product, hair spray is used to tame errant hairs and lock hair styles in place. Great for all hair types, hair sprays come in numerous holds and finishes. A hair spray with an ultra-hard hold is perfect when you want stronger hair control for that fancy party. Otherwise, choose one with a smooth and flexible finish for everyday styling. You can finally kiss goodbye to unruly hair with a good hair spray!

Hair Cream

Struggling to bring dull, frizzy hair back to life? Hair creams can impart a natural shine to your locks, leaving you with a lustrous, glossy-looking mane. Some come infused with nourishing ingredients such as argan oil, rosemary oil or jojoba oil which can moisturise your hair, adding another layer of protection to your hair and scalp. Because of their heavy texture, hair creams are more suitable for medium to thick hair.

Hair Jelly

Hair jellies offer a quick and easy way to hold and style your hair, especially for those with fine and medium hair! With their lightweight texture, this gel-like substance is very versatile and does the job of defining your curls, layers and waves. Although hair jellies can still be used to style thick tresses, hair creams are the better option for thicker hair.

Hair Styling Tip #3: Nail Those Hairbrush Basics According to Your Hair Type

Hair Styling Tip #3: Nail Those Hairbrush Basics According to Your Hair Type

To preserve healthy locks, a trusty hairbrush is an essential tool in your vanity cabinet. Finding a good-quality one that’s just right for your hair type and styling needs can make all the difference in achieving flawless-looking hair.

When it comes to fine hair, the best brushes add volume without putting on extra weight. Soft and gentle boar bristle brushes can detangle your hair without pulling out strands in the process. This reduces hair breakage while styling.

For thick hair, use paddle brushes to help you deal with those pesky knots. Those that come with wide-spaced bristles can help you tackle those hair kinks without damaging your natural curls or waves. They can help reduce frizz and static too.

Medium hair types can rejoice as your hair is compatible with most hairbrushes. A wide-tooth comb works wonders for detangling wet hair while a round brush paired with a hair dryer will help you achieve that salon-worthy blow out.

Hair Styling Tip #4: Add More Volume

Hair Styling Tip #4: Add More Volume

Have you ever struggled to get that perfect hair bounce? Hair that remains flat no matter how you curl, blow or tease it can be a real downer. Still, with the right flat hair hacks and products, you can inject life back into limp locks, lifting both your style and mood.

First, ditch those thick and creamy shampoos which tend to weigh down your hair. Instead, use a lightweight, volumising shampoo suited for your hair type. For extra flounce, air dry your hair after shampooing.

The right hairstyle can also give the illusion of more volume. So, head to the salon to get those layers or wispy bangs. Leave with both a fresh cut and more body to your hair!

A volumising hair product, hair sprays can give your hair that much-needed boost while keeping your style intact. To fluff up your hair, spray the hair spray onto your hair before combing your hair backwards for longer-lasting volume. An oil-control hair spray or dry shampoo can also help to add natural volume while controlling grease.

Another quick flat hair fix? Curling your hair with rollers is a safe way of getting that root-lifting volume without the additional heat.

Hair Styling Tip #5: Avoid Styling On Oily Scalp for A Voluminous Look

Hair Styling Tip #5: Avoid Styling On Oily Scalp for A Voluminous Look

Oily hair can often stand in the way of our dream hair style. That’s because excess oil can cause flat hair, making it difficult to style. If you often use hair styling products, wash your hair regularly to keep your scalp clean.

In need of a quick fix for your greasy hair right before a big event? A dry shampoo or other oil-control products can do the trick. A 2-in-1 product like LUCIDO-L’s Oil Control Spray can absorb excess oil and sweat while doubling up as a styling spray. With a refreshing scent, it leaves no residue while helping you to get that natural, airy finish.

The alternative? Embrace your oily hair with a sleek, wet-hair look. The natural oils make it easy to achieve a slicked-back braid, bun or ponytail.

Hair Styling Tip #6: Prevent Frizz for A Neater, Natural Look

Hair Styling Tip #6: Prevent Frizz for A Neater, Natural Look

Having a constant battle with frizzy hair? You're not alone, especially in Singapore's hot and humid climate. But adopting good habits can help you control those gravity-defying flyaway hairs for a neater look.

For one, frequent salon or DIY trims are an effective way to tackle those split ends and minimise frizz. Ideally, get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks.

Alternatively, tackle the problem from the root. Literally! Hot water can weaken the roots of your hair, causing them to be prone to frizz. So sacrifice your hot showers and use cold water to shampoo and condition your hair instead.

To nourish your locks, pamper yourself with a weekly hair treatment mask or a post-shower leave-in treatment. With their hydrating properties, these treatments will leave you with silky smooth hair. Top off that at-home spa session with a microfiber towel or good hair dryer to keep frizz at bay.

Another lesser-known tip? Replace those cotton sheets with silk ones. Sleeping on silk pillow sheets can be kinder to your mane as the lower friction from the smooth surface will cause less hair damage.

When you're out and about, don't forget to keep a hair styling stick handy to tamp down frizz and flyaways on the go. If you have your hair in an updo or ponytail, bobby pins and a strong hair spray form a trusty combination to keep your hair style in place.

Hair Styling Tip #7: Protect Hair from Heat When Styling

Hair Styling Tip #7: Protect Hair from Heat When Styling

Using a curling iron, flat iron or hair dryer comes with the hair styling playbook. But constant heat styling can be pretty rough on your hair. Don’t worry – with the right tools and hair products, you can still get those red-carpet looks while protecting your hair at the same time.

It’s a good idea to invest in a hair dryer with negative ion conditioning technology. This helps to seal in the hair cuticle, locking in moisture and preventing frizz-causing damage. Say hello to voluminous and easy-to-style locks!

Before turning up the heat dials on your hair dryer or curling iron, use a heat protection spray to form a protective barrier along your hair. This will not only shield your hair from heat damage, but will also give you a longer-lasting blowout or face-framing curls.



With our hair styling hacks and recommended hair products and devices, you’re now ready to step up your hair styling game. To get those picture-perfect locks, understand your hair type so you know which products can transform your tresses while keeping your hair happy.