High Damage Repair Hair Mask

High Damage Repair
Hair Mask

Rinse-off treatment that deeply repairs and control frizz in highly damaged hair

About Acid-Heat Treatment

A popular salon treatment technology from Japan, Acid-Heat Treatment utilises acidic ingredients to repair highly damaged hair from within to achieve smooth and manageable hair.

Heat from heated hair styling tools will further penetrate the ingredients into the hair, promoting a longer lasting effect, shine and smoothness.

Key Features
  • Contains Acid-Heat Treatment ingredients *1 that deeply repair and restore highly damaged hair, resulting in stronger, smoother and more manageable hair till the tip
  • Contains 2 types of Heat Protection ingredients *2¬†that protect hair from heat emitted from hair styling tools such as hair dryers & hair curlers
  • Contains 3 types of Heat Repairing ingredients *3 that utilise heat from hair styling tools to amplify the repairing effect, by penetrating the ingredients further into the hair to promote longer lasting effect
  • For all hair types
  • Recommended to use once or twice a week
  • Sweet and refreshing Osmanthus and Grapefruit fragrance

*1 Levulinic acid (Hair repairing ingredient)
*2 Complex base made up of Oleic Acid & Tromethamine, Silicone Quaternium-22
*3 Meadowfoam Delta-Lactone, Polyimide-1, PVM/MA Copolymer

To Use
After shampoo
  • Squeeze out excess water and apply an appropriate amount while focusing on the damaged area.
  • Leave on for 3 minutes before rinsing it off thoroughly.
  • Then, blow dry your hair with hair dryer thoroughly and proceed to style your hair as usual. The heat will further enhance the repairing effect.

*Repairing effect can still be achieved without the use of heated hair styling tools.
*Be careful not to apply too much heat to your hair while styling!



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High Damage Repair Hair Mask


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