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Hair Trends in 2024 | As Predicted by ChatGPT

No one has a crystal ball to predict the future of hair trends. We live in a social media-driven world where easy styling dominates trends and where hair styles can be here today, gone tomorrow. If anything can predict the biggest hair trends in 2024, it’s AI. This guide breaks down the 2024 hair trends predicted by ChatGPT and how you can recreate them at home with the help of our wide range of products.

1. Short Hair Cuts

Short Hair Cuts

ChatGPT suggests that short hair cuts are a 2024 trend “reflecting a desire for low-maintenance and chic looks”. If you’re thinking of experimenting with the ‘quiet luxury’ trend, a short hair cut can give you an effortlessly chic appearance. Hair cuts like the ‘pixie’ – and its little sister, the ‘bixie’ – show that short hair is the ultimate trend for 2024. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Florence Pugh have debuted dramatic short cuts in 2023 with ultra-textured locks.

How to Maintain Short Hair Styles with LUCIDO-L

While pixie cuts are one of the most popular short hair styles for women, it requires a little TLC with regular appointments to keep its shape.

Use a blow-dryer to create volume and maintain the volume with a wax. Keep our Oil Control Spray in your bag for on-the-go touch-ups to restore your natural volume and tackle grease.

2. Textured, Messy Styles

Textured, Messy Styles

Hair trends have stayed relatively casual since 2020, with relaxed styles and silhouettes becoming more mainstream. We also saw the wolf cut and mullet all over New York Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2024. It’s a trend that ChatGPT reflects in its 2024 hair style prediction, with messy and textured hair staying on trend.

How to Achieve Textured Hair Styles with LUCIDO-L

Enhance your natural hair texture by using a wax. Keep your hair in place all day long with the help of a styling spray, which gives the appearance of smooth hair with no stiffness.

3. Sleek, Polished Looks

Sleek, Polished Looks

The ‘wet’ hair styles with ultra-slicked back ponytails have long been a favourite amongst celebrities. ChatGPT suggests “sleek and polished hair styles, such as straight and shiny locks” as a 2024 hair trend to look out for. It’s driven by a desire for more understated hair styles that are low maintenance for easy styling, shifting the focus to hydrating and nourishing hair styling products.

How to Achieve Sleek Hair Styles with LUCIDO-L

Want a Kardashian-worthy ponytail? Brush and tie your hair into a high ponytail. Then, use a hair styling stick with strong holding power to tame your flyaways and fringe. Keep your high ponytail in place all day with a styling spray to lock the style, giving you the sleekest finish with naturally shiny hair.

4. Back to the 90s

Back to the 90s

ChatGPT predicts a rise in “nostalgia-driven trends from the past, such as ‘90s hair styles…with a modern twist”. The hair trends of the ‘90s are famous for being more lowkey and natural than their Y2K counterparts. Take inspiration from your favourite ‘90s TV show characters with a shaggy hair cut or a modern take on the iconic ‘Rachel’.

How to Achieve ‘90s Hair Styles with LUCIDO-L

Add a leave-in treatment as a pre-styling step to protect your hair from heat while giving the fluffy, shiny look. Channel your inner Rachel Green by blow drying you hair with a rounded brush to recreate the face-framing layers while maintaining your hair’s natural volume.

5. Bold and Pastel Colours

Bold and Pastel Colours

ChatGPT predicts that “experimentation with unconventional and unique colour combinations may be on the rise”. A quick scroll through social media will show you that purple hair colour trends and bold shades like vivid red are still as popular as ever.

How to Maintain Bold Hair Colours with LUCIDO-L

Bleaching and using colouring agents cause damage to the hair’s cuticles, leading to breakage and brittle hair. You can maintain smooth hair post-treatment by investing in products designed for colour-treated hair, like our High Damage Repair series.

6. Accessorising


The easiest way to experiment with new hair trends for 2024 is with accessories. ChatGPT adds that “hair accessories, including clips, headbands, and scarves, are likely to remain popular for adding flair to hair styles”. You can elevate a simple ponytail or straight hair with a twilly scarf for a Parisian twist or a headband to channel your inner Blair Waldorf.

Our AI-predicted hair trends in 2024 reflect a rise in popularity for low-maintenance and convenient women’s hair styles that are effortlessly chic. These six trends are easy to recreate at home – all you need are the right tools and hair products to give create these styles!