The secret behind the Non-Sticky, Strong Hold wax! 2 New Formulas!

Non-Sticky WAX. 2 New Formulas for Easier Styling

“Formulated with “Non-Sticky Powder” to remove the OILY & STICKY FEEL!
Our old LUCIDO-L wax series use wax ingredient for styling. New wax uses both wax
ingredient and powder ingredient for styling.

Hair wax uses the stickiness of oil content to enable styling without stiff finish. However, it also results in the sticky feel left on the hands and hair after styling. Therefore, our new series is formulated with Non-Sticky Powder to remove extra oil content. It reduces stickiness yet retains the styling power to allow easy and happy styling!

Formulated with [Penetrating Hyaluronic Acid]! Moisturise your hair while styling to give
your hair a lustrous shiny finish ♪
Formulated with 1/100th the size of regular hyaluronic acid.

What is the difference between stylish, natural-looking styled hair and messy hair? The difference Iles with the moisturising factor! That is why even wax needs the moisturising factor! Our new waxes are all formulated with penetrating hyaluronic acid to retain moisture and nourish hair from within!