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Hair Wax #Arrange Fix
Hair Wax

Hair Wax #Arrange Fix

Tame all frizz & stray hair for a non-stiff, natural finish for updos.
Suitable for braids, ponytails and more.

Arranging Power

Styling Techniques

  • Apply a thin and even layer to entire hair and style.
  • Can also be used to tame stray hair at the hair parting and neckline.
  • Spread a small amount onto palms and between fingers.
  • Replace cap after use.
  • Contains penetrating hyaluronic acid (moisturising ingredient)

  • Light fragrance (green floral scent)

  • Preservative free

Key Features

Key Features


<Mini Size> 20g

Hairstyles created with #Arrange Up

  • Hair Styling Stick - Instantly holds updos, fixes flyaway hair and tames fringe!
  • Styling made easy! Lightweight and Non-sticky WAX.