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5-in-1 Extra Treatment Water
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5-in-1 Extra Treatment Water

5-in-1 Benefits for Silky Smooth Hair!

Product Details

  • Instantly smoothes all frizziness.
  • Repairs hair damage from within.
  • Provides lasting moisture for manageable ends.
  • Heat protecting formula to protect hair from heat.
  • UV blocking Formula.
  • Contains CMC-like ingredient to penetrate within hair to repair damages and deliver moisture to the hair core
  • Contains Penetrative Hyaluronic Acid to capture and hold moisture within hair
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients that coat hair for long lasting smooth hair ends

To Use

  • To be used on dry hair.
  • Spray 5-10 cm away from hair, concentrating on dry parts or bed hair.



  • Hairstylng Stick
  • Hair Wax