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Hair Jelly #Soft Waves
Styling Others - Hair Jelly

#Soft Waves

Designs soft and wavy hairstyle with moisture. Milky texture reduce dryness.

Product Details

  • Contains Panthenol & Soy bean PPT (hair Care ingredients).
  • Light fragrance (green floral scent).

Styling Techniques

  • Use on dry or semi-dry hair.
  • 1 or 2 pumps for medium-length hair.
  • Blend all over hair and finger-comb or brush.
  • Dry naturally or blow-dry to create a smooth and compact straight hairstyle.

To Use

  • Use on dry or semi-dry hair. Spread a suitable amount on your palm and apply on the hair especially on the damaged hair ends. Style hair by grouping into small bundles to create a soft and wavy hairstyle.



  • Hairstylng Stick
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