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Oil Control Spray
Hair Spray

Oil Control Spray

Resets greasy and oily hair to fluffy, voluminous and airy hair.

Product Details

  • Use in the morning to prevent hair from losing volume or getting greasy
  • Use in the evening to reset greasy hair back to fluffy and smooth hair
  • Adds volume to flat and limp hair
  • Contains plant-derived oil-absorbing powder and moisture-absorbing powder to absorb sweat and sebum
  • Contains green tea extract and hammelis extract to moisturise hair and scalp
  • No white residue for a natural finish
  • Refreshing and clean savon scent
  • UV Protection Formula to protect hair from harmful UV rays

To Use

  • Before using, shake the can strongly for 5-6 times, then hold it 10cm away from the hair and spray it directly at the roots or bangs. Using your fingertips, massage the product into the roots for the oil-absorbing action to take place.



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