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Achieve a simple sophisticated bob with juicy, shiny finishing and moisturised hair up to ends.

Use #Juicy Moist Wax to firmly keep the moisturised effect and create smooth glossy hair roots to ends.



Voluminous straight hair. Hair ends are dry and damaged. Without styling, hair looks stiff and lifeless.


#Juicy Moist Wax (Essence type)
Hair Wax
# Juicy Moist Wax
(Essence type)

Double hyaluronic acid formula works on both the hair surface and hair from within. Its strong moisturising power tames frizzy & dry ends, creating lasting smooth and moisturised hair from roots to ends!

Salon Advice

GARDEN harajuku
GARDEN harajuku 中丸京子さん

It is important to have tamed healthy ends for a straight long bob. Hair ends tend to be dry, rough and scattered so remember to use a treatment serum type wax to tame and moisturise the hair!


Process 1
Process 1

To achieve beautiful curl at the hair ends, hold and press hair down while blowing with a roller brush.

Process 2
Process 2

Blow-dry inwards to obtain a clean flow and a lustrous surface from roots to ends.

Process 3
Process 3

Spread #Juicy Moist Wax onto palms and between fingers. Start applying from the middle of the hair to the ends and apply evenly inside and outside to finish.

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