For active girls, sport a casual and healthy look that’s suitable for school too. For hair that is medium-length, just curl hair at the ends with a curling iron so that they stick out – perking up your appearance in an instant. Fasten a hair clip to give your fringe and exposed forehead a neater look. Extremely functional yet sporty, this simple hairdo is quick and easy to create – even in the mornings.

Designing aqua #Hair Curl Lotion <Airy>

Smooth and non-sticky finish. Keeps created style for many hours even on a humid day.

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Designing Pot #Natural Make

Creates basic styles and tames down frizzes.

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Choose a hair clip with a neutral, earth-tone colour

The point is not to draw attention to the accessory, so to avoid looking too young, it is advisable to select a hair clip in a neutral colour, or in any earth tone colour, so that it matches with your hair colour.

Do not curl hair ends tightly for they will make you look too young and cutesy. Apply #Natural Make wax and run fingers through curls to loosen them and to add texture at the same time.

Hair is stiff and volume is normal. Shoulder-length bob hair should be styled ‘loose and free’ to maximise its look.



Apply #Hair Curl Lotion just before curling. Pump one or two squirts of lotion for each section of hair on the ends. Run fingers through hair to blend the lotion in.


Using a curling iron, curl hair one section at a time after spraying #Hair Curl Lotion. Curl hair outwards using the iron. Repeat this for the remaining sections of hair that you wish to curl.


Part fringe to one side, then gather hair and twist it. Secure this lock of hair with a pretty hair clip.


Lightly tease and loosen curls at hair ends. Spread a small amount of #Natural Make wax onto your palms and rub onto hair to give movement and volume.