With hair twisted like a flower behind one ear, this hairdo looks lovely on short-length hair. Try a hairstyle that’s completely different from your usual do and surprise your boyfriend on a date! Styling is very simple. Just curl hair with heated curlers, sweep hair to one side and anchor using hair clips, followed by some hair teasing for a textured effect. Bangs are left flat and sweeping across the forehead to give an elegant look.

Designing aqua #Hair Curl Lotion <Airy>

Smooth and non-sticky finish. Keeps created style for many hours even on a humid day.

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#Hair Spray <Super Hard>

Keeps all kinds of styles firmly in place. non stiff and natural finish.

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Adorn hair with an attention-grabbing shiny hair clip

Choose a shiny, elegant hair clip to secure hair. By pinning hair up above the ear with this accessory, it adds sparkle and directs attention to the teased side hair bundle. For the hair clip, choose a colour that matches with the clothes you are planning to wear.

This asymmetrical styling is recommended for hair lengths that end at chin or collar bone level. Play up the texture of hair with some curls, which add volume as well. Plump up hair silhouette for a young, girlish look, or sweep hair into a low side bun to look more sophisticated.

Spray #Hair Curl Lotion onto hair before curling. Do not apply immediately to entire head. Apply the lotion onto hair section by section, rubbing it in while combing.

Curl whole head of hair using heated curlers. The diameters of the curlers are 29mm (purple), 33mm (pink) and 23mm (yellow). Use hook and loop-style rollers to avoid curling hair at the fringe too tightly.

Remove curlers after three to four minutes. Run fingers lightly through hair to loosen curls. Scoop underlying hair layers and gather them to one side at the back of the head. Secure these layers with hairpins. Now, gather the top layers of hair to the same side and twist inwards above the ear, securing with more hairpins.

Gather and secure the remaining hair above the ear with hairpins. Holding the lock of hair at its end, loop it and secure it with a hairpin as well. Fasten a pretty hair accessory for a decorative effect.

Use a styling hairspray with very strong hold. For a fuller look, spray as you lift some strands of hair at the crown.