A simple-to-do hairstyle that’s suitable even on short bobs. Simply gather hair from above the ears and tie it up on the very top, looping it to form a bun. Pull out tendrils of hair while applying hair cream for a messy, cheery look. This hairstyle prevents hair from falling down so it’s suitable for school. It is also a trendy and casual style that lets you stand out in class.

Designing tube #Hair Cream <Moist>

Natural gloss with moisture finishing. Smooth and dry to the touch, with no stickiness

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Use U-shaped comb with an encrusted jewel

Avoid using large hair accessories on this bun hairdo, as it makes you look too youthful. Select a U-shaped comb encrusted with a small jewel or crystal instead. Small but elegant, it makes an eye-catching accent piece to your hairdo.

With typical medium-length bobs, it is common practice to tuck hair behind the ear. Why not try a different look with a bun worn at the top? With a fringe covering the forehead, the top-worn bun gives the illusion of a more defined, smaller face shape.

Leave your long fringe hanging down over the forehead. On the very top of your head, gather some hair to tie and make a loop with to form a bun. Do this while making sure that there is sufficient hair at the lower back of the head to leave hanging down and not tied up. Adjust accordingly, if hair in the lower section is too little.

Anchor the looped bun with a hair pin. Press it flat so that it sticks close to the scalp.

Create a natural-looking messy bun by loosening it to ‘break’ its severe shape. Gently pull out some wisps of hair on purpose to make it look fluffy and cute.

Squeeze a suitable amount of # Hair Cream <Moist> onto your palms and spread it onto hair at the lower back of your head. This makes it easier to curl hair outwards at the ends.