Wear a side ponytail and smooth down flyaway hair for a cheery, school-girl look

A simple hairstyle you can create in just five minutes. Look young by bundling shoulder-length hair, followed by styling to create a stunning silhouette. Apply #Hair Arranging Lotion on desired area before tying hair to one side of the head for a girlish, adorable look. Finish the style by creating some volume on the top.
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Pump two or three squirts of #Hair Arranging Lotion onto palms and run fingers through hair, blending the lotion in.

Neatly comb out any tangles in hair, then gather hair to one side and tie up in a neat bundle.

Use an elastic rubber band to tie up hair just behind the ear. Ensure that there is no bunching of hair at the back.

Fasten any decorative hair clip over the knot to hide the rubber band.

Using a mirror as a guide, finish the style by gently pinching and lifting hair at the top to create some body. The added ‘height’ elongates your profile, making you look slim and sophisticated.