Achieve Bouncy Curls Full of Shine

A digital perm leaves lasting bouncy curls, even on hair type that is stiff. Also called a shape-memory perm, it permanently styles hair into waves that look more prominent when hair is dry. You can have a head full of shiny curls even without using a curling kit. Simply apply #Spring Curl Foam onto permed hair before blowing dry to give hair a glossy, well-moisturised shine.
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After blow-drying hair at the roots, apply #Spring Curl Foam onto damp hair. Use your fingers to lightly rub in foam onto hair.

Blend foam well all over hair and blow-dry hair in small sections. Keep twirling waves around finger and curl them inward while blow-drying. This will add more bounce to curls.

Lightly tug at curls from right to left for definition. For a natural, springy bounce, run fingers through curls to loosen them.