Give your bob a look of flawless sophistication with smooth, silky strands from roots to ends.

A bob with layered waves framing the face and cheeks looks trendy and elegant. For long-lasting frizz control, apply #Hair Cream <Moist> and blow dry in the morning to give a smooth, well-moisturised texture from roots to the ends – adding overall sophistication to your bob.
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Part your hair into sections using hair clips. Doing each section at a time and using a thick, round brush, blow-dry the underside layers first, turning the brush inwards as you go. To style the hair around your face, roll the layers forward on the brush as you dry them.

Spread a suitable amount of # Hair Cream <Moist> onto palms and apply over hair from middle to the ends.

Smooth hair into place as desired. Lightly run fingers through hair along the neckline and tidy up the ends.