Look Just like a Beautiful Mermaid with Flowing, Wavy Tresses

Just like big waves rolling and rippling gently in the sea, you can have long, flowing hair with waves that cascade down your back. Big, loose waves extend from fringe to tips, radiating a relaxed and soft feminine look. Simply apply #Clear Wave Foam onto damp hair and blow-dry for a wavy bounce.
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Briefly towel-dry then blow-dry hair mainly at the roots. Do not blow-dry hair till completely dry. Keep lower part of hair damp.

Dispense a golf-ball sized amount of #Clear Wave Foam onto your palm. Section your hair into two halves and use this amount of foam for each half.

Spread foam between palms and apply evenly over each half portion of hair while scrunching waves at the same time. Do the same for the other half.

Blow-dry hair with an upward motion to shape hair into having more defined waves.