Ideal on long-fringed bob hair, this sexy, flowy hairstyle brings attention to the eyes that are partially covered. Bangs veiling the outer parts of the eyes make you look mysterious and sexy. Get this look by curling long fringe outwards with a curling iron and apply #Natural Make wax, running fingers through hair as you go. Grab attention with side-swept hair that flow sensuously each time you move your head.

Have a quick blow-dry while running fingers through your hair towards the face. Create naturally glossy hair with bounce.

After hair is blow dried, it’s time to curl long fringe using a curling iron. Apply some #Hair Curl Lotion first to prime hair for the curling process.

On one side first, curl lock of fringe hair around a thick-barrelled curling iron. Slide the heated curling iron through hair from roots to ends. Do not create tight curls at the ends.

Curl fringe the same way on the other side of your face. Apply #Natural Make wax and comb fingers through your newly-curled fringe, flipping up the ends as you do so. Style hair ends by using fingers to twist strands of hair backwards and away from the face.