Hair flow and groupings are what give expressiveness to hairstyles. Even for medium-layered hair, if you create hair flow around the face, you will look far more fashionable. Use rough and ruffled groupings for the nape, aiming for a natural casual look.

First, blow-dry hair at the crown. Insert fingers into hair in an outward direction and blow-dry while bringing hair to the front. Running fingers through hair groups hair into natural looking bunches.

Twist hair around neck inwards bunch by bunch while blow-drying.This groups and bunches hair and helps hair ends look soft and smooth.

Thong hair around face to create hair flow and movement. Before curling, spray 2-3 pumps of #Airy Curl lotion onto hair and spread it evenly along hair.

Use curling tongs to curl the hair around the face in reverse direction and flip back

Spread #Natural Make wax evenly onto your hand. Apply first to hair at the neck. Put your fingers in to make the hair turn outwards in kinks.

Use the remaining wax remaining on your fingers to style around the face. Pinch out groups and make them flow backwards.