Confident women enjoy short hairstyle that suits them and don't just follow the long-hair trend. The key to styling is to volumize hair at the crown. By creating height, your hair will have a more defined shape. Focus on your short hair, look smarter and more charming.

Use your fingers to shake the roots of hair vigorously while blow drying.

Blend wax evenly and apply to the crown, rubbing it in closely from different angles.

Tuck hair behind ears after creating volume at the crown. This will give you a side look with more depth. To finish, create a little volume for hair tucked behind the ears.

Using the remaining wax on hands, pinch to group hair at the crown for volume and height.

Sweep fringe gently to the side, leaving part of it just above the eyes to draw attention to it. Lastly, bring down the hair around the ears a little to cover a little of the face.